DropCMS stack updated to version 1.3.0

CMS's (Content Management Systems) seem to be all the talk at the moment on the RapidWeaver forums. Although DropCMS is less than 2 months old, it has attracted significant interest from many users. Today version 1.3.0 of the DropCMS stack has landed, which introduces the following new features:
  1. Support has been added for Markdown. This means that any text files containing Markdown syntax can be automatically converted to HTML and embedded within a page with complete styling. This is a fantastic option for educators, authors and scientists who continue to publish using the popular Markdown syntax. I'm using the excellent opensource Showdown Converter plugin by Mathias Bynens to achieve this conversion. Options are provided in the stack to call the Showdown script either locally or externally.
  2. Embedded content now sits within a new block divider, which allows 'the experts' to apply custom CSS code and other modifications to the content. Each DropCMS stack receives a uniquely generated ID selector, and a global class selector, the latter of which can be used to hook your custom CSS code onto. When using that standard implementation of DropCMS, use the .dropCMS selector name. If converting Markdown documents to HTML, use the new .dropCMSconverted selector name for your CSS code.
  3. Some minor modifications have been made to support InSync. This is a new cloud storage solution powered using Google Doc's, and its competitive pricing makes it a vastly cheaper alternative, compared to DropBox Pro. InSync's supported features are still quite thin, but this cloud service has a lot of potential and is likely to grow over the coming months.
  4. You can now use multiple DropCMS stacks on the same page. I would not recommend using more than about four on the same page, because page performance will start to fall away at that point. But certainly you can now safely have two or three running on the same page, if required. A few other minor modifications and optimisations have been made to DropCMS source code as well.
  5. When DropCMS is in edit mode within stacks, detailed instructions are now shown explaining setup and configuration.
DropCMS remains a free stack. I have been asked if I would consider charging for it, but the growing number of paid CMS solutions for RapidWeaver means that a gap still remains in the freeware market. So I've decided to keep it free for anyone to download and use, for the foreseeable future. That being said, any shout-outs or donations would be much appreciated. I think it is still important that discussions on the RapidWeaver forums relating to "which CMS to use" include links to several different options, ranging in price and complexity. What is wholly unsuitable for one person may be absolutely perfect for another.

The DropCMS update is available now (it went live about 30 minutes ago). If you open Stacks in RapidWeaver, you should get an automatic Sparkle update notification within ten minutes. Failing that, the latest version can be downloaded direct from the DropCMS page.

Thanks for all the feedback received so far. Feel free to leave any comments or feature requests below. Happy
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